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2018 Scotland Trips Special Offer


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Our Bike Tours of Scotland take you off the beaten track and discover Scotland at your own pace. Discover the magnificent landscape, a warm hospitality and rich history ~ the best way possible ~ on two wheels!

With such a unique and distinctive national dress, with the renowned whisky and bagpipe music plus a landscape and folklore that often defies description, Scotland has shaped an identity recognisable the world over.



                                              OUTER HEBRIDES  (7 days, 6 nights)
                                      From Sterling 1595.00 Per Person Sharing  read more >



                                      ISLAND EXPLORER (6 days, 5 nights)
                                From Sterling 1495.00 Per Person Sharing  read more >



                                         THE GRAND TOUR (7 days, 6 nights)
                       From Sterling 1495.00 Per Person Sharing  read more>


                                  SKYE AND THE INNER HEBRIDES (7 days, 6 nights)
                                 From Sterling 1495.00 Per Person Sharing  read more>

From the Outer Hebrides islands to a challenging week of riding the highest mountain passes, we offer you the freedom to explore Scotland at your pace. Our trips are led by a qualified and experienced guides. You can choose to ride with your guide or simply follow the route notes meeting up with the group at designated stops along the way. Private tours also available.

Contact us at tours@cyclewest.com for more details.

Best time to travel: April to September.