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Top 5 Bike Tour Destinations in Italy

Renaissance glory days, art + frescoes, medieval fortresses, mosaics, museums, vineyards, romanesque jewel
Premier biking in Italy’s best destinations: Tuscany, Sardinia, a natural paradise; Puglia in southern Italy; Piedmont’s north wine region as well as our amazing cycling and cooking tours; and Sicily, whyever not?!

Remnants of medieval civilisations sit side by side with cosmopolitan hustle and bustle. Hidden gems and Renaissance glory days are the highlights of any trip – Italy is a destination for lovers of art, of food and wine, of life!

From medieval splendours to the finest Chiantis, from culinary delights to artisan markets, from the the sun bleached heel of Puglia, biking in Italy is a feast for the senses!

We offer unique cycling vacations that are Guided, Self guided or Private departures and we are proud of assisting you discover the best of Italy, pedaling on state-of-the–art top quality race and road bikes!

We look forward to having you join us for the trip of a lifetime! Contact us @ tours@cyclewest.com for more details.